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Its a free classified ads website with pictures. No programming skill is necessary as you can control the site from the control panel.......add or change categories ,site configuration,registration page configuration,banning bad words, remove users ad and much more just from a control panel.
Currently this site is for the Kolkata city.But you can add a number of cities for any country from the control panel.
This site is running from a free host .So you don't have to pay the monthly hosting charge. (the host doesn't put its ad on the site but if you want you can have your own ads on the site or add google ads to earn from the site )
All you pay is an yearly 9 dollars for domain name......the only investment on this site.

Do a google search '" Kolkata free classifeds " and you will see on the first page of google search engine.

I am selling this site as I have no time working on it.

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at present I dont have ads on my can have ads or can place google ads.

Traffic Details is shown in the first page of google search engine for the seach term "kolkata free classifieds"

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